Scholar’s Circle: Halakha as a Spiritual Practice

This class will explore foundational Halakhic practices such as Shabbat, Kosher, Jewish Holydays and Family Purity and will foster an in depth understanding of the Halakhic tradition as well as a range of options for Halakhic living. The class is suitable for all levels of background yet will be scholarly in intent and provide the attendee with a rabbinic level of insight and conceptual learning. We will also explore the Philosophy of Halakha, its historical development and tensions that arise from its interaction with modernity. Kabbalistic, Hassidic and Psychological perspectives will be weaved together with Halakhic learning making for a unique Boulder experience of Torah study.

Monday Evenings 7:30-9:00pm

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There is no fee for this class student will be responsible to purchase required text.

This is not a drop in class student must make regular commitment.

Hassidic Immersion: Finding God in Judaism

This class will cover am eclectic range of Hassidic Masters thought with a focus on Polish Hassidism (Peshischa, Kotzk, Rav Tzadok Ha-Cohen, Ishbitzer, Reb Leible Eiger-Sefat Emmet) as well as Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.  The class will also offer contemporary, original and insightful Chassidic teachings rooted in highly selective and lesser known Talmudic Aggadah. This class will broadly explore: How do we serve God? What are the obstacles we need to consider? How do we navigate these obstacles? What are the spiritual values we need to live by? How do we cultivate internal development? How does Hassidic thought relate to Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology? How do we find contemporary and spiritual meaning in an aged tradition? How did the Hassidic masters innovate from within tradition?
Thursday Evening 7:30-9:00pm

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There is no fee for this class student has option to purchase text.

This is a drop in class no regular commitment required.